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Common Complaints with Conveyancing Solicitors

If you are still new to selling and buying houses, the best person you can run to for drafting of contracts as well as other legal aspects of the trade is the conveyancing solicitor. He can help you walk through the entire process hassle-free. But how will you be able to assess who to pick if you don't have any idea on common complaints that can be raised against him. The following things can help.   * Some conveyancing solicitors can be inefficient   If it's your first time to use their services, be aware that there are bad solicitors that may damage the reputation of the good ones in the business. They will move slowly and seem to jeopardise everything in the process.   * You cannot reach them   Truth hurts but this is true to some solicitors. You will find it very hard to contact them especially when you have paid for a portion of their services. You can't call them and they won't reply to your messages.   * They can ignore your instructions   That's definitely a bad solicitor you should complain about. He will tend to work on his own without consulting you. It is true that he has a better knowhow in this field than you but that's not an excuse to turn their backs and never listen to what you say. * They can't answer your questions   This is perhaps the worst thing that can happen when you hire bad solicitors. You have depended on them and yet they'll end up disappointing you.   How can you solve all these? It is always best to hire the right conveyancing solicitor. You can refer to articles on how to find one online.