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Important Things to Do before the Big Move

Aside from packing your personal belongings, there are still a lot of things to be done before the big move. It would be a good idea to secure a checklist so that you will be able to cover everything that needs to be accomplished so as to have a peace of mind once you have already settled on your newly acquired home.  

Address Change Notification

Moving to a new place means changing your address. Thus, it would be best to inform close friends, relatives and other important people in your life regarding your change of address. It is also a must to notify your local post office and provide your new address so they can redirect your incoming mails within a certain period of time after the move. You may also advise your credit card company and other institutions so they may be able to send future correspondence to your new home.

Cancel Utility Services and Settle Unpaid Dues

You may be subscribed to a number of utility service providers such as water, electricity, phone, cable TV, and internet among others. A couple of days before the big move, it is critical to cancel each of these utility services and settle unpaid dues as appropriate.