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Is it Better to Hire a Man and Van?

When it comes to House removals many people assume that by trying to do it yourself will help save on the costs. As much as you can reduce costs in cutting back on Van and man hire, it may be hell of a lot more stressful trying to do so, In fact so stressful that no doubt you could end up regretting having not hired a removal company! So why is it better to hire a man and van? If you do not have access to your own van and you do not know anyone who could kindly borrow you one, you may be left with no choice other than to hire. Unless you are planning on dismantling everything you own to make it fit into a car, and good look with dismantling a sofa and fridge by the way! Ultimately you’re left with two options, you either carry it or you leave it! Don’t get me wrong if you are only moving to the next street, by all means carry it but I wouldn’t advise you leave your goods at the old property because the cost of replacement could be far greater than that the cost of hiring a removal company and you won’t be any better off! Not only that, some housing associations and councils could charge you for littering, so be very careful about what you leave behind! What if I already have a van?If you already own your own van you are at an advantage because you can do self house removals but it may be worth getting a helping hand still, because as we all know more hands do make lighter work! If you do not have any one to help you with the move, it may be worth considering hiring a man without the van, and you could always contact the house removal companies and see if they offer this service, not all of them do but there are some out there who will. What’s the benefits of hiring a just the man?A man from the removal company is an expert at house removals, he can offer the best packing advice and techniques and of course he will know exactly how to get the job done quickly and efficiently. For people who need to move from house to house in one day, it could be your best option! Why can’t I do the job better myself?You probably can do a good job by yourself but the advantages that a man and van company bring are that they do this job every single day, they have probably taken years to master the art of house removals, they have probably made their mistakes, they have no doubt learned from those mistakes and ultimately they have more experience in how to do a successful and less stressful house removal more than anyone else. Therefore it may be very worthwhile in doing so!What if my furniture is really heavy?House removals will know exactly how to lift heavy furniture as they no doubt have to do this every day, however If you are worried that you own a particular piece of heavy furniture and you think that they may struggle to lift it, it may be worth mentioning this to the company, chances are they have already come across that kind of item before and will tell you not to worry but if they do believe it may be struggle they will advise you on how you would like to go about it. It could be that you may have to hire a third person a ‘van and mans assistant’ however if you already know a person who could step in and help, by all means mention this to the company as you do not want to pay any extra costs if you can avoid doing so.