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About Denmark

Denmark Removals started out as an ambitious, young removals company which has gone on to expand and flourish in the ten years since we formed. We started out with a very specific niche in the market, specialising in helping London residents and businesses to relocate to Denmark, following a growing trend in the market and offering a setup which was tailored to suit the unique set of circumstances which are part of the package when you are moving overseas. However, after years of perfecting this art, it became apparent that we had a business model which was ideal for any moving project, so whether you are moving to the continent or just across London, you know that our team has the right service at the right price for you.

Because we were so keen to be different to our competition, we wanted to ensure that we tackled pricing from the very start of the process. One of the main criticisms that people have had of other moving companies over the years is a lack of transparency, that tendency to take a reasonable initial quote and suddenly find that it incrementally increases over time to a point where it spirals out of control.

We decided to combat this from the quoting perspective in particular. By thoroughly measuring and calculating what you need before you even confirm our services, we are able to give you a thorough assessment of what you will need. The upshot is that our quote truly is the price that you’ll pay, all included and with nothing further to add. The quote is free as well; a clear sign of our determination to keep costs down in light of our understanding of the financial strain that this process can put on you.

We also wanted to reduce stress. In many ways, this is partly covered by our pricing policy, which is not only comprehensive but highly competitive. However, we also recognised the need to be flexible, which is why we offer such a wide array of optional services. Things like our packing services, cleaning services and storage solutions were designed with long haul movements in mind, but they are the perfect supplement to the smaller move as well. Whether you are moving your business over a weekend and need a hand with packing and unpacking so that you can start again on Monday morning, or whether you are leaving rented accommodation and want it pristine for the landlord inspection you can get all of these either as part of the initial quote, or later on at the same great rates to help you enjoy a stress-free experience.

However, we believe that it is our service which really makes the difference. Not only are our vans modern, well serviced, and fitted with the highest quality security designed to cope with the long distance projects which made our name, our staff are also first class. To reach the point where they can knock on your door, they all have to go through a rigorous selection program coupled with extensive training.

The training isn’t important from the physical point of view but it is of huge importance to teams used to dealing with people who are moving such long distances. They follow a strict mantra of respect, for both you, your families and your possessions. With the moving process that they are used to so protracted, they know when to give you space and when to make you smile. They are a unique part of our family and we are hugely proud of their contribution, which is recognisable in the testimonials we receive so frequently.

So if this big project thinking is something you feel could help you in a smaller move, get in touch with our call centre staff today and let’s get your up and running.