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Moving House Without Losing Your Mind

After moving house, people tend to forget the bad sides about the move and focus on the new things they encounter at their new location. However, many people need to move house more than once in their lifetime and it seems that we can never be prepared enough for this big experience. If you think about your last relocation you may say that it wasn't that bad, when it really was. The reasons for having a problematic move are usually due to lack of preparation or not sufficient budget for the move. If you want to have a stress-free move next time and not risk losing your mind, then there are some tips you should follow.

1.    Forget about the "shoulds" and remind yourself of the "musts": If you want to manage with the move you need to stop saying what you should be doing and do it instead. Nobody has done a successful relocation with more thinking than action. Consider what you need to do, prepare a checklist of all those musts and start the process of accomplishing these things.

2.    The usual routine is not the only option: The routine of the relocation is straightforward but it varies from family to family. If you can't pack or unclutter during the weekends, then schedule these tasks for the week's evenings. You don't have to stick to a routine that is not convenient to you, your family and your lifestyle. The routine for the move can always be adjusted. This way you will be able to manage without stressing out too much.

3.    Every house move brings in stress to everyone: Accept that some things are not going to go according to plan, accidents may happen and you will need to pay for lots of things. However, stress is an inevitable part of a house move. Accept that and organize the tasks properly. You can be stressed without losing your sanity.

4.    Accept failure: Even the best hired movers may cause an accident; your children might break something and the overall process can't be perfect, but as long as you are prepared for that it'd be much easier to deal with the frustration.

5.    You need help: Let's be honest about it - a house move is a huge endeavor, it's best to ask friends and relatives for help, especially for the packing process. It will save you money and stress, as you will know you are not alone in this.

6.    Get rid of the clutter: This is an absolute must, no matter how big your household is. We all gather junk and unwanted items and we keep them for ages stored at various place around the house. The house move is the perfect time and reason to get rid of this clutter once and for all.

7.    Communication is important: Talk to your spouse and children about the process of the relocation, the new place and discuss the tasks and the budget. The more you manage to communicate your thoughts and feelings to your family, the easier it will be to manage in a stress-free way. It's best to talk about it than to keep it all inside. Make sure everyone is aware how the moving day will go and what they need to do.

Keeping your common sense during a house move is not the easiest of tasks, but it will save you lots of frustration and stress if you follow these simple tips.