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Packing Tips to Prepare Tricky Items for Transit

Some items are a bit harder to pack than others. These include lamps, electronic items, paintings and other appliances. However, if you have sufficient packing materials and know how to pack in advance, you can properly pack these tricky objects. Table Lamps Dish pack box are the best tools for your glass and ceramic table lamps. Simply surround the box with bubble wrap or crumpled paper and you can neatly place table lamp in it. Lampshades on the other hand, may need a separate box. It does not require cushions though. Just be sure it is sealed properly to keep it snug. Electronic Gadgets Using dish pack for gadgets such as DVD, VCR and stereo speakers is a smart way to protect your fragile materials. Be sure to wrap each item individually with bubble wrap before placing them inside the box. Heavy items must be at the bottom and the light items at the top. Pictures, Wall Mirrors, Paintings Bubble wrap must be used to cover pictures and wall mirrors. Oil paintings on the other hand, must employ packing paper to prevent trapped heat from ruining the artwork. Be sure to fill the gaps of the box to avoid shifting during transportation. TV and Computer Monitor The original box is the best thing you can use for these items. If the original box is not available, purchase special boxes at local supply stores. When packing, place a good amount of bubble wrap into the box then put the monitor or the TV in. Add crumpled papers to reinforce cushion in the box before sealing.