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Ten Ways You Can Make Your First Home or Office Removal Great!

Moving is complicated and scary even for those of us who have moved multiple times but it is even more perplexing for those who haven't moved at all or in other words if it is the first time going through a home removal. Don't fret though are many resources out there that will guide you through the first move, which may seem treacherous now but in a few moments it will seem less complicated then you might have imagined. Here are ten ways you can make the first move a great experience.

1)    Pacing yourself is key to a good experience and as hard as it may seem it is quite easy to do. When you are going through any move, whether it is your first move or your 100th, try not to get into a rush. Just plan ahead spread the packing out over a whole week or to be exact seven days. Pack one room a day, if you only have one room then pack a box or two a day over seven days and in no time the packing will be done without you even breaking a sweat.

2)    Like any other move pack a box of the items you can't do without it can be small or large but you will need this, so you don't have to search for all your important or everyday items.

3)    Have a friend help you if possible that way there will be someone to talk with.

4)    Pack the belongings that you never use, first or just give them away, throw them out or sell them.

5)    Get all the packing materials and boxes that will be needed in advance, refrain from getting boxes and packing the same day of the move.

6)    Play some music and dance around your house to some heavy metal or jazz, whatever motivates you to move and work.

7)    Create a small move out checklist; it will help you from forgetting something important during the removal. For first timers a checklist will work wonders on making the move go smoothly. The list you make can have whatever you want in it. Checklists can also be3 found online, just try searching in Google, Yahoo or AOL with the keywords "move out checklist" thousands of results will pop up and the list that best suits you will be in there somewhere.

8)    Remember to do a dust down, sweeping and mopping the place that you are moving from, it is just common courtesy and since you will be planning ahead there will be plenty of time to do so.

9)    If you need to switch off the utilities from your old place and transfer the service to the new flat, then you may want to take care of that before arriving in the new destination.

10)    If there is just too much to handle or you don't have time to do the move, hire a good removals company that can do everything from packing to hauling. It is likely they will be able to give a good referral for a great cleaning company as well.