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Tips For Packing Office Computers Before A Move

There are few more important things in an office than your computers, laptops and hard drives. That is why it is vital that you take extra care of these items when you’re preparing for a move. If you don’t, you could end up with expensive replacement bills or lost customer data. So to stop your business from suffering as a result of a move, check out the thirteen handy computer packing tips below.1.    Take a Photo of Leads Before You Take Them Out – If you have complicated machines with lots of different connections it may be difficult to know what lead goes where when you get to the other end. Having a quick photo guide to help you along the way can reduce any unnecessary frustration when you’re trying to get things set up again.2.    Make Sure Everything Is Properly Shutdown – Before you take those leads out remember to make sure that all programs and systems have been properly shutdown. The last thing you want to do is to corrupt any data, before or after the move.3.    Detangle Wires – If you just shove all of your leads into a removal box without detangling them first, you will regret it when you arrive in your new office. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to get everything setup quickly only to get bogged down by knotted and tangled leads.4.    Bag Leads Separately – Once you’ve got them untangled, leads should be wrapped or bagged separately to avoid any in transit mingling. Each lead should then be clearly labelled and placed in one larger storage bag or box relating to their individual machine. It’s no good making your wires nice and neat ready for the move if you don’t know which lead goes where.5.    Label Boxes – Always clearly label your lead boxes so that you find them quickly when you’re ready to unpack.6.    Unknown Wires – If you have wires which are not connected to anything and you don’t know what they’re for, don’t throw them away. It is best to keep them until you’re setup in the new office to make sure that they’re not for something that you did need after all.7.    Clean – Try to clean your computer, screens and keyboards before you pack to avoid transferring any dust or dirt to your new office.8.    Protect Your Screen – Modern computer screens can be delicate and every precaution should be taken to avoid any scratches or heavy impacts. It’s always best to use specialist screen covers, along with protective wrapping and sturdy boxes to ensure that they stay safe during a move.9.    Keep Components Together – As with the leads, it is important that you know which mouse and keyboard goes with which computer. Mixing them up can lead to driver issues and compatibility issues during set-up.10.    Protect Your Keyboards – Always try to place a protective film and a hard cover over keyboards to prevent any damage during the move. It is easy to forget that keys can get crushed if not properly protected during a move.11.    Use Quality Packing Materials – Use quality removal boxes and packing tape when moving your computers. You don’t want there to be any broken boxes and computers along the way.12.    Label Boxes As Fragile – Make sure that boxes are clearly labelled as fragile so that the removal firm knows to treat them with extra care.13.    Label Boxes With Username – Labelling boxes with a detailed computer itinerary is great if everyone knows what type of computer they have. But if they don’t, then labelling boxes with the user’s name can really help to make things clearer at the other end.