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A Definite Plan to Get Your Deposit Back When Moving Out

When you move out of an apartment, an inventory clerk usually comes in to make a check-out report. These people are pretty close to what forensics experts do after a crime. They take note of the apartment condition and use the details to determine how much of your deposit should be returned - or should it be returned at all. Therefore, make the necessary precautions before moving. Follow these tips in order to secure your deposit when its time to move out.
Be there At the Check-in and Check-out Stage
This is the only way you can voice out your opinion on how well the landlord maintained the property.  At the move-in stage, be sure to report any damage that might be overlooked by the inventory clerk.
Take Photos
This should be done the moment you move into the apartment. Take pictures of every room and corner of the apartment and be sure to save it in your computer. These will describe the shape of the apartment before you moved in. Don't forget to take a snapshot of the existent problems such as peeling paint, scratched flooring or broken doors. When the move-out day comes, send these to your real estate agent.
Clean and Repair
Of course, you will have to do your part as a tenant if you really want to get your deposit back. Arrange professional cleaning twice a month so the apartment stays in good shape.