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Accessibility During A Home Removal

When you are moving house there are hundreds of things that you need to worry about. From ensuring that the packing is done safely so that nothing breaks, to ensuring that you get on with your removals company well, it is all pretty important stuff! However, there are often things that the unseasoned mover may miss out, and that can come down to the finer details, those which will seem incredibly obvious if you have to face them, but beforehand, they will not even slightly enter your mind! Accessibility is one of these things, as it is pretty universally presumed that a removal means getting everything out of one house, into a van and into the other, and whilst this is true, the complexity in removing furniture from some places, as well as getting a van or lorry next to another place can be an absolute nightmare! If you are ill prepared, then the issues that you can face will be numerous, so it is well worth considering these things before you go ahead booking anything in.First off, you need to do a bit of a look around the house and think about how you got everything in there. Was there anything that put up a particular fight in terms of squeezing things through tight spaces, or having to undo any furnishings in order to get stuff past them? Many have struggled with getting a slightly-too-long sofa through a corner, and it is these kinds of issues that may well reoccur when you are trying to get the item out. In fact, there may even be situations where coming the other way presents problems that were not as present the first time round. You simply need to let the removals team know about these things, and if you are getting a home removals survey done, which you always should, then they will be able to assess such things when they are looking into how much your removal should cost, and what kind of team and transport you require. In terms of the transport, you need to be sure that your removals company can actually get to your front door. If they are unable to park the van close to the house, then there will be a massive amount of delay added on to the removal day, given that there will be time taken to move things from the house and over to the van. If you do not have a driveway, you need to get permission to park on the road if the parking is governed by the council, or to talk to your neighbors about it in advance, so that everyone is prepared for the inconvenience that having a van or lorry on the street can bring. If you are all set with the neighbors and council, be sure to mark off the area that you need with cones or tape beforehand, to ensure that the removals team can get a space. These sorts of problems are particularly common in cities, where parking is a much contended issue in the first place! Don’t forget that you also need to be able to get right up to the next house, so be sure to check to see if there are any gates, corners or single track roads that may get in your way when approaching the next property, as the removals company won’t have done a home survey on the second property.