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Are You Ready for a Job Relocation?

There are so many reasons why people move out and relocate to a new place.  To some people, they merely want to have a change of environment while others are forced to move out because of job displacement or relocation. 
When you are offered a job relocation, what sort of things do you usually consider?  Do you instantly grab the offer or you think about it for a moment?  From an expert's point of view, the following things must be considered when being offered a job relocation:
Talk about the housing offer. There are companies that offer temporary housing for about a month or two until you can finally settle down. This is one good offer that companies can do.  If there is no temporary housing that is offered, then think about it again.  Talk about salary and compensation.  Usually, when you are being relocated, necessary adjustments on the salary is being considered.  More so if you are moving in from the province going to the city.  Usually, the rate in province is much lower compared to the rate in city. Talk about job positions.  Discuss with your superior if there is any change in the job position or to the least the responsibility that you will be assuming.
If you have answers to all these and it yields positively, then you are ready for a job relocation.