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Checklist for Long Distance Moving to Richmond, London

Richmond is located in the south west pat of London. This part of the identically named borough exists since the building of the castle in the area. The castle was home for the dynasty of the Tudors back in the 16th century and is great sight in the present days. The real development of the region began when the railway transport appeared. And this was in the middle of the 19th century.

  As a residential area it is very much preferred for many reasons, and it is still considered to be one of the wealthiest parts of the Kingdom.

  This part of London is developed in every aspect of the cultural and economical life. Together with the modern markets and the entertainment places and restaurants are the huge reservation areas and open spaces.

  The riverside of Thames is one of the most romantic and nice places to visit and spent time at. The identically named like the area bridge is the best spot for the greatest view over the spot. It is also where there are many bars and restaurants as well and they are great for eating your dinner or have a drink and enjoy the perfect view over the river. The Thames walkway allows access for many areas like residences, gardens and terraces. This makes it great place for pedestrians, walkers and bike riders.

  Those who like sports will also love to come here. Since the 18th century many people have gathered here to practice their favorite sport and enjoy the nice weather when there is such during the weekends. Not only the bars and restaurants are attracting the visitors in the area. As it was mentioned before the museums, the theatres and cinemas are on very high level and have many interesting things to show to the people coming to visit the region.

  From all of the above said it seems like this is a nice place to live, so grab your suitcases and come in London. You may even come from the other side of the ocean and in this case you will need a special checklist for this kind of moving. So here you go with the most important things to do before you catch the airplane for London.

  It is supposed by this time that you have already chosen a local company that will help you relocate all your stuff. So the time for the packing has come. Start to divide the things that you will bring with you to England and those which are not so important to you. This step is essential for the long distance moving due to the fact that you will have limited space and budget and it will be too much to bring something that can be bought from every place in the world. You can best decide what you will do with the things that will be left, but the best suggestion is to organize yard sale.

  Contact all the utility companies, which have supplied your house with electricity, water, cable TV and etc. and discuss the termination of your relations.

  The major things at the old place are done. Now you can start to organize the things from the beginning on the new location. It is supposed that you already have an idea where you are going to work and that you are sure about your plans. What you have to do next is to leave time for a good research and find a kindergarten or a proper school for your kids. This effort will save you many headaches in the future.

  When all of the above is checked you can call the movers and take the road.