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Dos and Don'ts on Helping Teens to Cope with the Move

It's quite normal for teens to react unfavorably to the announcement of an impending move. After all, they would be moved away from their circle of friends. They would have a hard time finding new friends and fitting in with a new crowd again. Nevertheless, if handled really well your teens would also be able to accept the idea of the move.   For all you know your concerns are baseless because your teens are up for the move. Nevertheless if they are not receptive to it the best thing you can do is to listen to their concerns with an open mind and just let them talk without interruption. But then don't make their reasons, no matter how reasonable, make you feel guilty. Remember that your move is for the good of the family so you are only doing what you think is best for them. Never waver in front of them or they would even feel more anxious.   If possible, make sure that their studies would not be disrupted. You can schedule the move after the school ends so they can start a new year with a new school instead of transferring in the middle of the school year. You could also leave your teen with a relative or trusted friend if he or she will be on his senior year the following year.   If you haven't found a new home yet, you could involve them in choosing your next home. You could also find out more about your new town together. And to make it easier for them to leave their friends, you should schedule them to visit friends on their next vacation. You should also assure them that they will still be able to talk through cell phone and through Internet even while miles apart.