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Essential Supplies For Your House Move

If you’re moving into a new home then there’s sure to be some supplies that you might need. Whether you’re looking for packing materials, cardboard boxes or even just packing tape and markers, there are lots of things that you need to put on your shopping list if you’re moving house. Here are just a few essential items that you’ll need to purchase in order to move house efficiently and quickly!1)    Packing supplies.If you want to move successfully then you need to make sure that you have the appropriate materials to get the job done. Before you start packing take the time to source materials that you might need. This will probably include bubble-wrap, padding and wadding, foam packing peanuts and reinforced cardboard boxes or moving boxes. If you’re looking to move house effectively but cheaply then stock up on things around your home that you might usually throw out. Things such as newspapers, magazines, carrier bags and appliance boxes can all be used during your house move, as they are fantastic for padding out boxes and wrapping up your valuables. Try asking friends, relatives and neighbours if they have anything like this before recycling day, so that you can find the materials that you need affordably! 2)    Moving boxes.Moving boxes are a great idea for your heavy or fragile items, but they aren’t necessary to use for every single room in your house. Second-hand cardboard boxes can be sourced from your local shops and supermarkets for absolutely no cost at all, and as long as they’re in good shape and have been reinforced with packing tape then there’s no reason not to use these! However, moving boxes are the better option for you if you have heavy and fragile items, as they’re specifically designed to be able to hold more weight. Consider what you need before purchasing moving boxes so that you don’t waste any money on materials that you don’t necessarily need! 3)    Stationary.You might have the appropriate stationary in your home already, but even if you do it’s worth stocking up on what you need! The best items of stationary to use for your house move are inexpensive and widely available, and they can help save you lots of time and effort too! Invest in thick marker pens, packing tape, coloured stickers and white paper so take your moving day less stressful. Label all of your boxes with the room that they’ve come from, whether or not they’re fragile and how important they are in terms of how soon you’re going to need the items contained inside. If you’re using second-hand boxes then it can be hard to find a place to write on, so stick a sheet of paper to the box and write on this instead. Coloured stickers and pens are great for organising and ranking your boxes in order of importance, and packing tape is essential for any house move! If you’re using bin bags or large bags to transport some of your softer belongings such as your bedding or curtains then why not purchase coloured string to tie around the tops of the bags? This will allow you to know what is in each bag without you having to open them, and is a lot more efficient than sticky labels, which can easily fall off bags on moving day!