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Getting Your Clothes and Shoes Ready for the House Removal Company

Hiring a house removal company really helps take care of packing and moving, but there are still some things that most people like to take care on their own. Even though the experts have years of experience on you, it is understandable that you'd probably like to pack your own shoes and clothes. While some people do so because these items are usually personal and not everyone is comfortable with letting strangers handle them, others want to ensure that their garments and footwear are packed perfectly to avoid any damage on the road.

As clothes are soft items that don't get damaged because of movement, most people think that simply piling them into cartons and loading them into the moving truck is all you have to do. While it is true that clothes are prone to far less damage than most other items in your home, there are steps you can take to make sure your clothes retain their quality.

It helps if your clothes have been washed and ironed because they will be much smoother and flatter, and hence will take up much less space than if they are all rumpled and bunched up. They will also be easier to arrange in neat layers, ensuring that they don't get badly wrinkled during the move.

Begin by separating your clothes into different piles. The fine clothes should go in together. These will include all your designer brands, delicate garments, dresses and suits and other fancy apparel. Also put in clothes made with lace and embellishments in this category. This is the box that will require the most care.

Now, for packing your clothes, you need regular cardboard boxes, some nylon covering and any paper to line the boxes. If you can use a sturdy variety of paper such as calendar-grade paper, your clothes will get less wrinkles, but you can use just about anything else too. Avoid newspapers as the ink might stain your clothes and spoil them.

Begin by lining the carton with a sheet of paper. Turn the clothes inside out and fold them neatly. Start adding the clothes in neat layers. After every few layers, add a sheet of nylon covering. For fine and delicate clothes, you should add a nylon layer after every two items. For regular clothes, you don't need to do it as often. When you reach the top of the box, add another sheet of paper, the same as the bottom layer. Seal the carton with some duct tape, and you're good to go!

In case you have some particularly delicate or fancy clothes like gowns or tuxedos, you will need to take them along in the car with you, inside individual garment bags. Hang them lengthwise and then place/ hang the garment bag in your own vehicle. Such clothes are best packed individually, because the weight of other clothes and cartons can spoil their shape.

When it comes to packing shoes, you need to begin with layering the carton again. Ideally, you should preserve the shoeboxes you get from the stores because they make packing so much easier, and keep your shoes really safe. If you don't have any boxes, for most regular shoes, you can simply keep both parts of a pair next to each other and fill up one layer like so and then keep adding more layers of shoes on top. So long as the shoes aren't dirty, this should not be a problem. You can add a sheet of paper between each layer for extra protection.

If you are packing boots, lay down the boots according to the "L-shape", with the shorter "arm" of each L (the foot portion) touching the top (opening where you put your leg in from) of the other. In other words, you should tightly pack the boots such that both together form a rectangle of sorts. It helps to crumble in old paper and stuff it into the foot region to preserve the shape.