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How To Fit Into Your New Neighborhood

One of the things many movers have to contend with aside from the different tasks that moving entails is the fitting into the community. However, achieving this is not so hard as one thinks, as long as you do things right.
Make yourself known and introduce yourself
Naturally, your neighbors don't know you, so you should take the initiative to introduce yourself to them. Keep your conversations brief, as your impromptu visit might be interrupting them from certain activities, or even work. If you can, bring a small token or gift you can give them.
Greet people and be friendly
Once they have gotten to know you, make it a point to remember them and greet them - seeing them on the street, while your jogging, bumping into them in the grocery. People do not like loners, so even you aren't the bubbly type, at least give them a short and pleasant greeting to acknowledge them.
Join a local community based group
Be if for civic duties or charity or similar interest groups, it helps if you join a local group or club. For example, if you are into photography, you can seek out the local club and go about joining them. Many of these organizations welcome new members, so you won't have much of a problem, especially if it is an affiliate of an organization you belonged to in the community you came from.