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How to Make a Stressful Move Lighter

Some instances make the move quite exciting. But if you are moving due to a loss of a loved one or due to divorce, everything is already stressful right at the beginning. However, this does not mean that you should be a mess during your move as well.
Get notebook and start listing down the things you need to accomplish. Keep all important documents pertaining to the move in a single envelope. Include the maps of your new place, physician referrals and contact information there as well.
Begin preparing for the packing. Decide whether to hire a removals company or not and proceed as necessary. Take note too that you should make sure your new home is complete with utilities so you should arrange for certain connections to be made there as well before you move. Inform friends, banks and subscriptions about your new address as well.
If you are moving with children, make sure they have coloring books and favorite toys with them so they will be occupied while you are busy. Keep them away from the comings and goings of movers as well to avoid accidents.
And when you arrive to your new home unpack all essential boxes so you will be able to function properly as soon as you can. You can cook or use the toilet. You would even be able to relax when you need to. Of course, this is all possible if you pack an essential box for each room and for personal use. Don't forget all boxes should be labeled as well so unpacking can be easier and faster.