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How to Pack Your Wardrobe

One of the important items you need to pack properly will be your wardrobe. They should be folded neatly to avoid any wrinkles. Furthermore, your room is one of the most difficult to pack in your house. It comes with many clutters that you need to sort and organize first in order to pack successfully.
Bed Frame
If you want to bring your bed frame with you, you need to dissemble it first. This will save you more space and will not require you to hire a big truck just to keep up with the size of your bed frame. You can put all its parts in one big box to make sure that it will reach your new room safely without scratches or missing parts.
You do not need to put the dresser in a box. All you need a packing rope or packing tape where you could have wrapped around to make sure its drawers will not open during the loading, transit, and unloading phase. You can leave your clothes inside your dresser to save you from more work.
There are special wardrobe boxes where you can put your clothes. These boxes come in different sixes. Make sure to regulate the weight of your wardrobe boxes because moving companies charge by the weight of the box and not by the number of your boxes.
These simple tips could help you minimize the effort you need to exert when you start packing. It will also help you to save time and money.