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Moving Tenant Problems to Avoid: A Must Read for Owners

Tenants can either be your source of income or troubles. Responsible tenants may not cause you problems but not all tenants are responsible enough to go by the rules. Apartment owners and managers have to deal with their problematic tenants to continue to earn a living and benefit from the income that their apartment provides. Managers should regularly inspect the unit to check whether there are damages. During check ups, there should be written report of the condition of each unit so they will know which unit requires repair. The inspection report will tell all and this can serve as a legal document for owners to give their tenants if the situation calls for it. The report may contain photos and other pieces of evidence to show if negligence is part of any damages in the premises or damages of any equipment being rented. The report may contain the inventory of all the appliances in the house if the apartment is furnished. Maintenance receipts and cost receipts should be kept well for reference. Both the tenants and the owners should be knowledgeable about the move-in and move-out procedures to guide each side about the rules binding the agreement that both parties agreed with.