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Moving To Chelsea From A Quiet Rural Village

Moving from a quite rural village to Chelsea can seem like a very frightening and daunting move, you'll be replacing the cattle and nature for the inner-city life and upper-class people so it's not just your lives that could be changing, it could even be your entire persona that could change along with the air of the city. Before making the move, I would highly advise you to think through the whole process and analyse everything needed before you move out. If after researching everything, both theoretically and practically, you decide to take it further and that you definitely want to move to Chelsea then read the next couple of paragraphs clearly before the actual move takes place.The hippies and rock 'n' roll crowds no longer roam around London like they used to, the hippies and rock 'n' rollers have been replaced with the rich & famous. The heart of Chelsea would definitely be the famous King's Road; a sacred land for shopaholics featuring various designer stories, high-street shops, exclusive boutiques, pubs built for the upper-class and independent classical restaurants. Cultural gems such as the Royal Court Theatre and Saatchi Gallery along with the city being the home of some of London's biggest museums and events such as the London Science Museum, the V&A and the Natural History Museum are just a few of the main tourists attractions which adds an inner depth to the city of Chelsea which cannot be seen anywhere else.First of all, Chelsea is famously known for being the centre of centres of London's 60's era and was even once called the bohemian style quarter of Cool Britannia due to the Rolling Stones buying several houses in the city and even the legendary Bob Marley once was a resident of the city. Now that the hippies, punks and rock 'n' rollers have moved out, the city is where the wealthy live in which they can socialise and mix in with the likes of Kylie Minogue and premiership footballers from the local football team that is Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea is definitely a focal part of the new London so focused on culture as a main part of British heritage.The culture of Chelsea is just one aspect that makes Chelsea the city that it is today. The nightlife is another, young people are often seen strolling around from one club to another, clubs that will be playing chart and R'n'B music all night long. Famous clubs include Crazy Larry's, Kitts and Boujis which are all guaranteed to keep you dancing and entertained throughout the night and still on the cultural side of the city, the Chelsea Flower show is the horticultural event of the year.One final thing I would love to mention before you pack your suitcase ready to leave your rural village for the cultural city that is Chelsea is to check out Stamford Bridge, home to one of the best football teams in the world; Chelsea F.C. Whether you're a football fan or not, the experience is certainly vivid enough as you'd be able to look through the eyes of a football fan for once whilst looking at the home of one of the most popular football clubs to date.