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Organize Your House Removals

There is so much to do when you are moving house – choose a new house, sell or rent the old one, arrange mortgage etc. – that the actual move can seem very overwhelming to organize.  If you are tired already before the big day, don’t stress yourself. Here is a moving checklist that will help you get ready for the move; plan in advance and hopefully the transition should go smoothly.1.    Choose a dateThe date you move into your new house is dictated by a number of factors – when the house becomes available, when your previous contract ends, events in town that might cause traffic congestion etc. Ideally, you will want to move on days that give you enough time to settle in, like Fridays, school holidays, bank holidays etc. The additional day or weekend is invaluable as you get enough time to unpack and settle in. Keep two or three dates that work best for you and call up the removals company to see if they are available to accommodate your move on that day. 2.    Things to do before you move inWhile it is definitely less of a headache to move all on one day, it makes sense to break the process into bits and do bit of the odd jobs in the new house before you move in. For example, you might want to spend the weekend before the move day cleaning the new house or having it cleaned professionally. If you are buying new appliances or furniture, it would make sense to have them delivered and installed in your new house.  You might also want to carry and install some basic essentials such as the washing machine, refrigerator, oven etc. into your new home before you move in. Call the utilities company and have them shift the services to your new address a few days prior to move day. If you want to add some renovation to the premises, it would be a good idea to do it before you moved in.3.    Move your belongingsBefore you pack your belongings to carry to the new house, make sure you de-clutter and throw or give away stuff you don’t need. Carrying unnecessary stuff will only increase the removals cost for you, so take only what is important. This is also a good time to assess what new things you might need to buy for the new house and put them on the shopping list. After you have defined your possessions, contact three or more moving companies and get a quote for the services you require. Then pick one that gives you the best deal. Before you finalize the contract make sure you know what charges and arrangements are included in their service. If you are moving on job related matters, see if the employers can cover part or entire removals costs.4.    Get utility services sortedBefore moving house, contact your service providers at least a month before and ask them to discontinue the services at your old address. Make sure you take the meter readings when you leave the house and give them the new address where they can forward the bill. Wherever applicable, make sure you drop an application to renew services at the new address.5.    Inform companies and friendsBefore relocation, make sure you have informed the important businesses and people you correspond with regularly about your change in address. This includes banks, building societies, schools, doctors and vets, etc. Drop a mail redirection letter at your local post office or arrange with the new tenants to forward your mail to your new address.