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Own a Home or Rent a House? Which is more Practical These Days?

It is everyone's dream to have a house of his own, however, with the way the financial situation all over the world is running, other people are just looking at renting an apartment.  To some, renting an apartment may seem to be an impractical move whereas to others, buying a real estate when the global financial crisis is at its top shape is more impractical.  So, which do you really think is more practical these days? Owning a home these days will not be as hard as it may seem because you do not need to shell out all the money at once.  There are loans that one can actually provide financial assistance to you.  These home loans are very secure to acquire and use and best of all, they do not put on too much interest on the loaned amount to buy the house that you are dreaming to have.  However, for people who are thinking about saving money first before they engage at buying their own home, they do not feel too much secure about the loan process and the percentage of interest that is being put on to the principal amount to be loaned.  In which case, they would rather save their money first until such time that they are ready to pay in full the amount of the house that they are buying.