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Rule Number 1: Move with a Checklist

Moving is both challenging and daunting task. If people are not prepared for the moving process, they may get upset and everything will start to go wrong. So, it pays to have a checklist that will be the source of guidelines all throughout the moving process.
What must the checklist contain? For starters, checklist doesn't have to be too detailed. As long as the checklist can provide a clear grasp of the task that needs to be done, it will suffice.
The checklist must also serve as a timetable. You need to have a schedule to follow when you move. Otherwise, things will not go smoothly as you expect them to be.
When it comes to the packing part, the checklist must be your sort of inventory. It should contain the list of items that you will pack. Then, based on your checklist, you must have sufficient source of packing materials. It will be difficult to buy the packing materials while you are moving.
Take things slowly when you move. If you nail your checklist, then you will not just have a reliable checklist but a kind of list that will guide you from before the move, during the move, and after the move.