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Save Money With A Green Move

There's enough to think about when moving house without trying to be environmentally friendly, even if you genuinely want to be. However, here's ten tips that are going to prove to you just how beneficial it can be to think 'Green' the minute you know you're going to be moving. The benefits are not the most obvious, but if you're smart you'll end up saving money, in some cases even making money, reducing stress levels, giving peace of mind and making the world a better place at the same time!So here we go, ten top tips for a greener, smoother move:1 Plan ahead. The minute you know you're moving, start going through the house. Identify everything you want to move with and everything you don't. You don't have to pack anything away at this point, just be clear and honest with yourself and write lists of what is coming with you and what needs to be gotten rid of. Don't throw anything away just yet! There are many ways of getting things out of the house without simply throwing them into a bin-liner or taking them to the dump. 2 Separate the recyclables. Glass, paper, card and some plastic can all be recycled. Some recycling plants also have a bin for clothing and textiles.  Don't forget, glass doesn't always mean glass bottles! You may have a chipped glass vase or bowl that can also be recycled. Separate all these items and make a trip to recycle bins!3 Go to the local charity shop. Charity shops will take most items that are in good condition except electronic goods. These can range from clothing, ornaments, kitchenware, books, CDs, DVDs and even the oddest novelty items. Charity shops are always in need of items and it's nice to think that those items will go onto benefit someone else instead of sitting idly in a dump somewhere.4 Sell on the cream of the crop! If you have a few items of significant value and are in great condition, there are a wide range of online websites where you sell them to highest bidder. You may even make a nice bit of money you weren't expecting! There's also pawn-brokers or cash-converting shops who will electronic goods or jewellery.5 Ring your local second hand furniture dealer. These guys will normally come to your house and take nearly any piece of furniture off your hands, as long as its in a sell-able condition. It costs money to take things to the dump, so having a dealer come to you and take items off your hands is in fact saving you money. Some dealers may even offer you a small amount of cash for certain things.6 Ring your local iron monger. Again, these guys will often come and collect and may also give a small amount of cash for fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers, ovens, stoves etc. They normally break most things down to use or sell the parts, once again ensuring these items don't go to waste.7 Collect packing boxes from shops. Most supermarkets get through so many boxes that they are normally fine with giving some away to those who ask nicely.8 Purchase echo-friendly packing boxes made from recycled card. These can be sourced online or most good removal firms often sell these. Often these are great for loading and unloading your removals van as they all come in standardised sizes. This makes layering boxes in van a safer and easier experience.9 Try to hire a low fuel consumption van. Most moving firms have the newer model of van these days which are mainly designed with echo-friendly engines in mind. They chomp far less fuel per mile, meaning that each van journey is not only cheaper to run but is having a smaller impact on the environment too.10 Pace yourself, take your time and only do what you can! It's very easy to imagine yourself doing all these things at the start when you're planning the move, but it's not the end of the world if you can't do all of them. Do what you can and even just the one trip to the local charity shop can make a big difference to the environment and for your peace of mind.