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Sell your Sutton home for more

When you decide to sell your home in Sutton you may start thinking about ways that you can increase the amount you sell your home for so that you have more to spend on your new home.  Doing this will require you spending time and money on making your home look brand new and improved, therefore you should always make sure that the increase in the price you get for the house is enough to cover the amount you have spent on improving the house. Free home improvements that are easily made on your home are things like de-cluttering and thoroughly cleaning, sorting and arranging things and taking away as many personal things like photographs as you can.  Personal belongings will remind the buyer that you live in the house rather than giving them the freedom of picturing themselves living in the house.  Some cheaper home improvements you can make are things like added potted plants, repainting, cleaning carpets and furniture etc. To make some bigger changes to your home and add real value to it, consider doing one or two of the following:•    Install central heating through the entire of the property.  This will help to keep the house warm and may cut down on energy bill costs, both of which are attractive to buyers. •    Install double glazing or new windows into your home.  Not only will this improve security, it will also enable you to maintain a constant warm temperature in the house warm  by reducing the cold air it the windows let in, and it can reduce energy bills. Double glazed windows will also help to minimise the noise pollution that is coming into the house from the outside. •    Re-decorate the interior of your home, consider re-carpeting or laying new hard or wooden floors. Remember to use simple and neutral colours which will make the house look lighter, ty not to decorate the house to the things that you like, but rather supply the buyer with a blank canvas.  •    Pay some attention to your gardens, perhaps plant some new bushes or flowers and clean up any pathways, driveways or patio/decking areas.  Mow the grass and de-weed the gardens, in short make the garden look attractive.  The front garden is especially important as it is this and the front of your house that gives the buyer their first impressions of the property. Consider having your garden landscaped, or putting in a swimming pool or pond. •    If you can, consider having a new bathroom fitted, alternatively, give your existing bathroom a thorough clean so that it looks brand new. Clean the floors and ceiling, any extractor fans, the tiles, the grouting, taps and shower heads, and the bigger things like the toilet, sink and bath, clean anything you can think of. Perhaps lay some new flooring or a new shower. •    A brand new fitted kitchen would be very desirable to a buyer, especially if there are appliances such as an oven to go with it.  For a cheaper option, consider adding new doors to cupbaords, and new door handles, and taps for the sink, upgrade the smaller cheaper things.  Re-decorating, adding a new floor and re-tiling are all ways to add extra value to your property. •    Change the layout and feel of your home by removing walls and creating a more open living space.  •    Consider adding an extension or a conservatory onto your home, making it bigger. Keep any additions to the house in line with the tone of the house, furthermore, make sure you planning permission. •    Convert the attic into a space that can be utilised, for example as an additional bedroom or work space. •    Think about adding a garage.