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Specialist Removals

If you will be moving in the near future, you will likely be worried as to the condition that your various items will arrive in; will your packing be enough to save them getting battered while in transit, or will you arrive to find that all of your prized possessions are scraped beyond repair? The decisions you make with regard to your preparation and removals company will have a lot to do with the condition that your items arrive in, as it will all come down to packing, and the way in which the boxes and furniture are handled and stacked for transit. If you are looking into moving items that are particularly delicate or expensive, then you may want to look into specialist removals, which will be from a company dedicated to moving a particular type of item. We’ll run you through the various positive and negative aspects of using a specialist removals company, so that you can get to grips with the different aspects that making sure that your items are protected will entail. Firstly, what to expect. Specialist movers will often take a ‘white gloves’ approach which will mean that they treat every item as if it were made of glass, as many of the items that they will be used to carrying will indeed be made of glass, or even more fragile materials. They will treat the items that they are moving in the same way that a museum curator may handle objects of immense historical value and fragility, so you can be sure that they will be using the utmost care in transporting your items. These sorts of companies will have specialist equipment set up for the removal of your items, including strapping and padding to make sure that certain things will not move inside the van when they are being transported. As you can probably tell, the service will be of a very high level, and many specialist movers will be used to dealing with high ranking museums, galleries and antiques stores, as there is great demand for the careful transportation of delicate goods from these places.You can potentially see a great many positives from these aspects, as they ensure that the company will be making sure that your items are extremely well cared for. You can also imagine however, that there is a great price to pay for this extreme care and attention. Specialist movers will be extremely expensive, even compared to the high rates that a normal removals company will charge. You can imagine that spending so long over each item will require great skill and attention, so the price will naturally be a lot higher. This also means that you will be having to deal with paying more for a much slower service, so it really is going to be difficult to make the call as to whether this sort of service is worth it. It comes down to how delicate you think your items are, and how valuable. If your items are very likely to break with anything less than extremely careful handling, and would cost a great amount to replace or fix, then you will want to get the specialists booked as soon as possible, but if you think that perhaps they would be fine in the hands of a decent removals team if they were packaged carefully, then you will likely be fine without. It’s the difference between moving a collection of ancient Greek glassware, and a set of collectible sporting items; one needs attention at every turn, the other will be absolutely fine if well wrapped up in bubble wrap!