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Summer Moving: Advice Everyone Should Consider

Moving house can be Hell even when the temperature outside doesn’t feel like the asphalt is going to melt. But when you add high temperatures to the blend, you risk facing a true cocktail Molotov you would have much rather avoided in the first place!And yet, summer is the most popular season for house removals and office removals – and for good reasons too. While the temperature outside may not feel like it’s the perfect one to carry things around and to deal with a thousand and one removal-related issues, the truth is that summer is also a great time to move – especially because you will not have to worry about bad weather ruining your trip to the new home. If you want to keep yourself safe (and sane) when moving in the summer, you should absolutely keep in mind certain things. Read on and find out more about the most important tips to remember when moving house on a hot summer day: •    Hydrate yourself! This cannot be emphasized enough! As the temperatures outside rise, our bodies start losing more water and that can become quite dangerous for our health. Even more than that, when you are not hydrated enough, you cannot think straight either and this can affect the stress levels that are probably high enough as it is. Drink plenty of water or unsweetened green/herbal tea and you will keep yourself in good state throughout the removals. However, remember that caffeinated products are not good for hydration and that they may harm more than you even think!•    Don’t stay in the sun, but try to find a shady place. This comes without saying, but you should really not stay too long in the sun. Cover your head (even if it may seem that it’s making you feel even hotter) and make sure you search for the shadier spots. On top of all the hassle moving comes with, the last thing you need is an insolation! •    If you have any pets, make sure you offer them the same treatment as well. For example, you should try to hydrate them and to offer them a shady place too. Also, remember that you should try to stick to their normal routines (such as the time a which you feed them) because otherwise they may get nervous and confused. •    Leave it to the professionals. Hiring a moving company may feel like a more expensive option than the traditional man and van, but there are tremendous benefits that come with this and that will make every penny be worth it. First and foremost, hiring a removals service means that you will not have to worry about much else, especially if you plan on hiring them to do the packing as well. Even more than that, hiring pro’s to carry around your things will also mean that you don’t have to carry them – which would automatically mean making yourself feel even hotter than you already are. •    Furthermore, pro’s will know how to handle every single object in your home so that it doesn’t break. Also, allowing them to pack your belongings will not only save you the trouble of doing it on your own, but it will also lower the odds that these things get broken in any way. •    Keep the windows open. Remember that there will be a lot of people running through your house during the removals and this means that the temperature inside will increase and that the levels of oxygen will decrease. Open the windows and keep them open throughout the entire removal process to make sure that the air inside is breathable.