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Three Surefire Ways to Cut down Your Moving Costs

Aside from time and effort, you must also expect to spend heaps of cash to successfully carry out a move. The moving company, rental truck, repairs and paints are just a few of the operating costs you have to financially prepare for when moving.  You can't escape the expense of it all but there are three ways in which you can save money and these are:
Get multiple quotes
If you are going to hire a moving company, be sure to get two or more quotes from different companies. However, be careful when dealing with companies that offer super cheap quotes. Ask whether the estimates they are giving out are all-inclusive to avoid hidden charges.
Work on your own
Instead of hiring someone else to do the painting and repairs, consider working on the small stuff on your own. Better yet, ask assistance from family and friends. Packing and preparing for a move may also be a great bonding time for you and your loved ones.
Move at the right time
The peak season for relocation is between May to September. It makes sense, considering the perfect climate of these months. Who wants to move on a freezing day? If you can bear it, move during winter time. It can significantly cut down your moving expenses! If waiting till winter is not an option, consider moving during weekdays. Most movers charge extra 10% to 25% during weekends.