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You are Moving Office: Things to Consider

There comes a time for most businesses when the time to move to a new office draws ever closer. It might be that the business has outgrown the current premises, that the market has shifted location or that the older facilities just no longer cut it in the modern world. Whichever reason, moving office can be a huge but necessary upheaval. This list will attempt to provide a certain reassurance and will raise a few consideration which should be taken into account when approaching the office move.     The first action should be to elect one person to be in charge of the move. This need not necessarily be the boss or manager of the office, but rather, someone who is suited to the meticulous planning and the convictive judgment calls which are the territory of whosoever is in charge of the move. This might also turn out to be the person with the most available time, so as to cut down on the chances of the move impacting on current and on-going business. Once you have elected a leader, it is important to trust and not undermine them. Allow whoever is in charge of the move to make decisions and take on the responsibilities which their move dictates.      The next option, to be undertaken with the co-operation of the person in charge of the move, is to set a budget. Setting a fixed budget and planning around it now will allow you to remain focused on the costs at hand and the options available to see the process through. The budget should entail everything which may be used on the day and leading up to the move, including the hiring of a removals firm. Choosing to employ a specialist removals firm might be a more expensive option, but will help ensure that the move is conducted in a seamless, transitory manner, allowing you to get back to business as soon as possible.      It is hugely important that the facilities in the new property should be up and running in as short a space of time as possible. Not only are the traditional utilities such as heat, water and electricity vital, but you will need to make sure that your phone and internet are up and running and that clients and customers are able to contact you as soon as possible. Getting these services up and running before the move date may be to your advantage, so that you are ready to go as soon as the office furniture is in place.      Similarly, it is important to keep your clients abreast of the fact that you are moving. While you do not have to list every detail of the move with them, a quick email will ensure that they know the new address and how best to contact you in these new premises. If you are used to having any orders delivered to the offices, make sure that they are delivered to the new address. If clients or customers ever visit the premises, make sure that they have been made aware of the new address. If you are moving on a weekday, let your clients be aware that there may be a brief slowdown in services, but that you’ll be up and running in a more productive and profitable new environment as soon as possible.      An office move can be a tricky thing. Trying to balance the needs of the business in a stressful time can be tough, but if you follow these hints and tips then you will be better equipped to deal with any problems which may arise.